Jewellery Care

Maintain your precious investments better. A few tips by Abhushan

For seven decades, "Abhushan" has been long synonymous with quality, artistry and dedication. Also most popularly known for their personalized touch, the team at Abhushan wishes to share a few tips for our esteemed clients and fans on preserving and maintaining their precious jewellery investments in the best of ways.

Basic tips by Abhushan at a glance:

To keep your jewellery dust-free, store it in a compartmentalized jewellery box.
Avoid contact of ALL types of jewellery with harsh chemicals, chlorine, hairsprays, perfumes and make-up.
Adorn jewellery only after having applied make-up and perfume as the residues can affect the shine and spark.
While travelling and storing your jewellery (sets, bangles), use proper fitted boxes. Improper handling will result in breakage and damage.
All valuable items like diamonds, precious stones and expensive metals like gold need proper handling and a lot of care.
Studded jewellery needs to be constantly checked if the prongs holding the gemstones have worn out which may allow the gemstones to loosen and fall off.

Diamond Jewellery

Exposure of everyday jewellery to many harsh household chemicals, hand lotions, hairspray, everyday grime and the inevitable perspiration, cause a film formation on the diamond rings. Resultant, dulling of the diamond surface that keeps it from looking its best.
At home, wash your diamond jewellery in light soapy warm water and use a very soft baby brush to get rid of the oil and daily grime from the surface of the rings, etc.
We at Abhushan recommend periodic cleaning of diamond jewellery to keep it sparkling and refractive. If ignored, the materials can accumulate into a thick layer of gunk on the back of your diamond, thus blocking light and making the diamond appear dull and lifeless.

Gold Jewellery

While wearing bangles, rings, etc., be careful so as not to brush it too hard against other hard surfaces as it may cause damage and allow the gold to dent in places.
Use a gentle chamois cloth to clean gold jewelry which allows retaining the luster of your jewelry.
Avoid storing gold items together as Gold as a precious metal is very soft and malleable and can easily scratch by rubbing against other jewelry.

Pearl Jewellery

Take off your pearl rings before applying hand and body creams. Also, wipe your pearls with a soft, lint-free cloth as soon as you take them off.
Don't use abrasive cleaners or rub pearls with abrasive cloth. Both can wear away the nacre coating, leaving you with a plain looking bead.

Polki and Kundan Jewellery

Being speciality jewellery Polki & Kundan require extreme care. It is important to adorn the jewellery only after having applied make-up and perfume.
Kundan & Polki jewellery need dust free and proper storage, and should be kept in a tight closed box. Also, wrapping the jewellery with white butter paper or soft muslin cloth will protect it from turning black under oxidisation.